Failure is an inevitable part of life. It is not avoidable and will ALWAYS be in the shadow of opportunity. I know it sounds blunt but it’s the truth. The good news? That many people have learned to see the hidden gem in failure and welcome it into their lives. The invite it with open arms because they know it is part of the process. The main shift that takes someone from being negatively affected by failure to someone that gets excited in the face of it is one thing – failing enthusiastically.

Everyone who has ever made a significant impact has learned to be enthusiastic about failure – even excited. Why? Because they know that failure is just one less option to chose from, that it is to learn and to grow from. They associate failure with growth. Failure is one of the best-kept secrets to growth in any area of your life. It has gotten such a bad reputation because of societies portrayal of success – you have to have a steady rise to the top. I challenge you to name one situation where that is the case.

If we want to excel in our achievements, we have to be willing and even enthusiastic about failing and being wrong. Only when we are willing to be wrong can we be open to the possibility of being right. We must invite the struggle with open arms and an inviting heart so that we can gain from our shortcomings. When we open ourselves to potential failure, we stretch ourselves to see the possibility of tremendous success.

Once you change your views from “what if I fail?” to “what if I succeed?” you unlock our potential to make our aspirations come to life. Shift your “what if…” and your world will change. To be a success, you have to start thinking of yourself as one, even through the failures. You will fall, you will struggle, and you will break, but it is the ones that keep going after the adversities that taste the uncommon flavor of achievement. We know that failure is an integral part of any success story, but why? Why is it that failure is so necessary? It demands growth.