Creating Growth | Inspiring Others | Changing The Game 

Do you want to excel in your Career, become a better Leader, or be a more Confident Speaker & Communicator?

A key part of getting to the next level is gaining an outside perspective. From working with countless coaches, mentors, and consultants over the past 10 years, Juan understands the small shifts that need to take place to get big results.

If you have been trying to get ahead in your career, influence & lead others, or change the way you communicate with the world, these programs can help you bridge that gap. Whether you want to learn to inspire others to action, or confidently speak in front of a room full of people – Juan will give you the strategies and skillset to make drastic changes today. 




Discover the key strategies of being able to lead a group of people and inspire them to action. Learning how to lead others and more importantly, how to lead yourself. Influence the people around you to buy into your ideas and believe in your vision. 

Working with Juan, you will learn how to take your Leadership skills to a whole new level of influence and impact. He will breakdown the roadblocks in your ability to show up as a leader and how to breakthrough the limitations to create real change for yourself and others.


There is always a place for growth. In the business world, the climate is always changing. To be able to grow and adapt, you must have the right tools. You must use the right strategies to get ahead and create something that will cause real impact in the lives of others.

Learn how to take your business and career beyond what you ever believed to be possible. Change the story of your life by changing the story of your career. All it takes is small shifts done over a long period of time to create extraordinary results. 


75% of people suffer from Speech Anxiety. 5 Years ago,  Juan was one of them. He couldn’t speak to a group of more than 10 people without getting nervous and tripping over his words. This took a major tool on his confidence and slowly spread to every area of his life.

With guidance from a few key mentors and coaches, paired with years of trial and error, Juan learned the fundamental principals that got him from having Speech Anxiety to becoming a confident and dynamic speaker. In this program – Juan will help you get there.