“Your story really inspired me. It made me open my eyes to the world to be able to view it in a different way. I will never forget your speech.”

– Joel, Student

Juan is on a mission to help students gain more Confidence, become better Leaders, and Make An Impact.

He integrates daily acts of impact that create an environment that makes both students and staff feel welcome, driven, and engaged. Juan helps students step into more confidence so that they can excel in school and life.

Juan is obsessed with anything to do with adventure, he is a snowboard instructor, and partial sushi addict. He has spoken to thousands of students across Canada and the United States and is the author of the #1 Best-Selling book “Goals 2 Greatness.” 

Growing up, Juan was bullied for just about everything. It was so harsh, it caused him to become overweight, depressed and a failure in school. He was written off as a failure in school and was told he would never amount to much. He made the decision in college that he was going to change. He went from consistently flunking English to becoming a #1 international Best-Selling Author.He lost the weight, changed his mindset, and gained a new perspective on life. He understands the struggles that students go through in school and life. His Mission – Help young people tap into their true potential through Building Confidence, Leadership, and Acts of Impact

Juan brings a new energy to schools. His journey of helping others excel is present on and off the stage. He had people in his life that gave him the confidence to follow his passions – He wants to give that back.

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