Am I being too Unrealistic?

No, you’re not.

This is an inner question that I asked myself far too often. It always came up as a result of so many others asking me if I was “thinking too big” This had me at a cross roads trying to find the medium between what was realistic and what was unrealistic.

I came to realize that some of the greatest accomplishments of human history were anything but realistic. They were seen as crazy for even thinking such an impossibility until they actually made it a reality.

Nelson Mandela said: “It is always impossible until it is done”

Everything that has never been done is always seen as impossible or unattainable because people dim their imaginations for the ease of being comfortable. Comfort is the enemy of progression.

When you want to set out to achieve anything great, make a conscious decision to not settle for the small minds of others. Make your goal WHATEVER it is that you want it to be.


Be realistic in the means to get there. There is not a goal that has ever been achieve that didn’t have a plan. Have your big goal, but also have a realistic plan to get there. A goal without a plan is just a wish. Implement a set of action items that will move you more towards your goals. This is what will make it REAL.

Go out and create whatever it is that you want. Be unrealistic with what it is but be realistic by how you go about attaining it.

Your Friend,

Juan Bendana