Peer Group is #1

Not getting the results you want? The people you are surrounding yourself with might be holding you back!

Don’t we all want to create the lives that we have dreamed of since we were little? Don’t we all want to ‘live the dream’ to be able to support the people that we love? isn’t it crazy even though we have all of the knowledge we could ever need to be successful, some of us still choose to lead mediocre lives? There is a lot of contributing factors to why we haven’t reached what we are striving for yet but some are more important than others.

The people we surround ourselves with are one of the biggest contributing factors to any major achievement we have. So why do we let ourselves be around ‘energy vampires’?

For those of you who don’t know:

Energy Vampire
someone who constantly sees the negative side of things and is constantly draining all efforts for others to move forward.

There are many people who we surround ourselves with that fit into this category.

To build new and empowering habits to shape our success, we have to surround ourselves with people that have similar habits.

For example:

If you want to get into shape, how productive would you say it is to surround yourself with unhealthy, overweight people? not very.

But if you were to surround yourself with fit and healthy people that take care of their bodies at a high level, then you would see your motivation rise and you would be more on track to achieving your goals.

Your results are based on the environment you put yourself in. Change your environment, change your life.