“Absolutely electrifying energy from start to finish. A character you want to keep listening to.” 



Juan is an Award Winning University and College Speaker that inspires students to Overcome Challeneges, step into Leadership, and Make an Impact. He guides students to follow their Passion and gain clarity on their Purpose.



Students are not the Leaders of Tomorrow, they are the Leaders of Today. In preparation for the University and ultimately the real world, students need the actionable steps on how to lead themselves so they can lead others. Juan provides Students with clear steps on how to make a mark on the world around them.

Students don’t want to put off getting involoved, doing good, or making a difference. They just want to feel valued. Juan doesn’t teach leadership – He lives it. Juan inspires students to whole heartedly believe that they are going to change the world for the better. Juan shows them that they have the insights, the passion, and the tenacity to change the way things are done in their school & in the world around them.

Juan shares practical Leadership strategies to be able to influence and impact people on Campus & in life. He helps students realize that true Leadership is inside everyone, then teaches how to tap into that potential.

Juan uses personal stories, humor, and live DJing to highlight the daily challeneges students face and gives real world strategies on how to overcome them. Juan takes them through a journey in which he shows students how to lead themselves so they can effectively lead others and impact the world around them.


  • The Keys to Self Leadership
  • Impacting the World through Action
  • How to Stand Out on Campus
  • How to Overcome Challeneges that are Holding You Back
  • Discover Your Value & Tap into Your True Potential
  • Find Your Purpose & Follow it to Your Passion
  • Leadership Strategies from the Best in the World
  • Complete Guide on How to Lead & Influence ANY Group of People


Students have the potential to Create Change on their Campus and the world around them. But often times, it feels overwhelming – like they can’t make a difference. Juan gets students excited about impacting the people both on Campus & in life.

When Juan was in High School, he did a small act of impact – bought the person behind him in line their coffee. This was a turning point in his life that shifted his way of thinking about how he can impact the world around him. He realized that one person can make the world of a difference in the lives of others.

Juan speaks to the students about how they have the ability to make a significant impact on the people on Campus & beyond. He gives them real world strategies on how to drastically impact the culture on campus and provides a simple & actionable plan on how to do it. 

In this presentation, Juan will help students realize that each of them has the ability to make an impact on the lives of thousands of people. Through live DJing, personal stories, hilarious moments, and a challenge, Juan leaves the students ready to impact the world.


  • Creating a Campus Culture of Positivity
  • Impact Tomorrow Vs Impact Today
  • How to Make a Difference on Everyone You Meet
  • Starting a Business that Changes the Game
  • The Secret Key to Leaving a Legacy & Being Remembered
  • Inspiring Others to Buy into Your Ideas
  • Create a Ripple Effect of Impact in School & in Life
  • Confidence Hack to people to Influence others in a Positive Way


Students are more confused than ever when it comes to finding their Passion & defining their Purpose in life. In contrast, Students have never been more driven & excited about creating the life they dream of. Juan helps bridge that gap – he shows them the road map to Passion & Purpose.

Right now is a more confusing time than ever – especially for Students.  Juan shows students how to confidently discover their purpose & build direction for their life so they can Succeed in the Real World. Juan shares practical strategies with students on how to identify their Passion & how to develop a actionable plan to get there. Students need confidence to be able to pursue their passions – Juan shows them how to tap into their true confidence.

Juan speaks to students on how to gain the confidence they need to pursue the things they want & create a life designed by them. He gives students the practical steps needed to have more confidence, follow their passion, discover a strong purpose, and create real success.

Juan uses personal stories, humor, and live DJing to highlight the daily challeneges High School students face when it comes to finding their Purpose. Juan shows students how to define their Purpose, get clear on their Passions, and helps them build a clear and actionable plan on how to create a successful life.


  • Finding Your Passion & Creating a Plan to Get There.
  • Defining Your Puspose & Aligning Your Actions to Live it.
  • Getting Purposeful About School By Building a Path to Succcess
  • Defining the Career & Life You Want
  • Creating a Successful Career & Life
  • Confidence Hack to Thrive in ANY Environment
  • Increase Motivation by Defining Your Life’s Direction
  • Being Intentional about School & Getting Involoved
  • Building the Confidence to Follow Your Passion & Discover Your Purpose



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