“Teachers & Students were asking me where I found him                                                                                                                          & said he was the best speaker we’ve had at the School!”





Students want to to feel like their  thoughts, ideas, & emotions are heard & appreciated. But how do you communicate that in a way that gets through to them? How do you lead the students you work with to succeed? Juan gives you practical strategies to inspire and impact students.

How do you impact and positively lead the students you work with? How do you get through to students in a way that inspires them to move towards success in school & in life? Juan helps educators bridge that gap. Juan understands that at the core, students just want to feel valued. They want to feel like they’re understood & appreciated. 

In Juan’s engaging workshops for educators, he shares practical Leadership strategies for educators to be able to better impact & inspire the students they work with. He lays out leadership frameworks proven to be effective when leading groups of students. 

Juan uses personal stories, humor, and engaging content to highlight the most effective and impactful ways to relate & resonate with students. Juan takes educators through a program in which he shows them how to lead students so they can effectively lead others and impact the world around them.


  • The Importance of Self Leadership in an Educator Role
  • Impacting Students through Daily Action
  • How to Help Students Overcome Challeneges that are Holding Them Back
  • Help Students Discover Their Value & Tap into Their True Potential
  • Creating a Leadership Identity That Impacts Students
  • Leadership Strategies from the Best in the World
  • Complete Guide on How to Lead & Influence ANY Group of People


Our words only have 8% impact on our ability to communicate. Real impact is in the other 92%. Educators need to know how to communicate with students in a positive and impactful way. Juan gets Educators Excited about impacting the Students both at school & in life.

When Juan was in High School, he did a small act of impact – bought the person behind him in line their coffee. This was a turning point in his life that shifted his way of thinking about how he can impact the world around him. He realized that one person can make the world of a difference in the lives of others.

As educators, it is so important to understand how to effectively communicate and influence the students they work with. Juan runs engaging workshops for educators on the importance of effective communication and teaches the keys on how to create real influence & impact. He gives real world strategies on how to drastically impact the culture on campus and provides a simple plan on how to do it. 

In this presentation, Juan will help educators realize that each of them has the ability to make an impact on the lives of thousands of people. Through personal stories, hilarious moments, engaging content, and a challenge, Juan leaves the educators ready to impact the world.


  • Creating a Campus Culture of Positivity
  • Impact Tomorrow Vs Impact Today
  • Influencing Students to Succeed in School
  • How to Make a Difference on Every Student
  • The Secret Key to Leaving a Legacy & Being Remembered
  • Inspiring Students Buy into Your Ideas
  • Create a Ripple Effect of Impact in School & in Life
  • The 92% of Influence NO ONE KNOWS


A School’s Success comes down the the quality of the Culture. Juan breaks down the actionable steps to designing a School Culture that allows Students to Succeed. Juan helps bridge the gap between educator & student to create a Positive School Environment.

A School’s Culture determines the Success of the Students. Educators have a direct impact on the culture created for themselves & the students they work with. Juan shares practical strategies on how to identify the missing peices & start to bridge the gap between student & educator.

Juan run’s engaging workshops for educators to teach them on how to reignite their passion for what they do & how to translate that into increased connection with the students. He teaches the key actions to inspire students to contribute to the positive culture educators are striving to create.

Juan uses personal stories, humor, and engaging content to highlight the simple ways to integrate students into the plan of transforming School culture to one of positivity & success. Juan goes deep with educators in defining how they need to show up to impact the culture of their school to ultimately drive their students towards success.


  • How to Transform Campus Culture From The Inside Out
  • Inspiring Students to Get Involoved in Changing the School’s Climate
  • Helping Students Get Purposeful by Building a Path to Succcess
  • The Keys to Hacking Culture in ANY School Environment
  • Empower Students to be a Part of the Solution
  • Increase Motivation by Defining Educators Purpose
  • Being Intentional about School & How You Show up For Your Students
  • Building the Confidence to Bring More Energy to The School



Join the thousands of students that have been impacted by Juan’s message of Leadership, Confidence, and Impact. All you have to do is fill out the form and we will be in touch. We look forward to working with you to impact your campus’ culture.