Confidence is the #1 skillset for leaders to thrive in this new world. With over 80% of the population identifying with having low self-confidence, the stakes have never been higher to learn the core skills of building lasting confidence. 

Keynote speaker Juan Bendaña helps leaders turn doubt into confidence and burnout into energy through an engaging and science-backed keynote experience. As a keynote speaker and leadership expert, Juan Bendaña will use humour, engaging stories and science-backed strategies to help your audience feel energized & inspired, and provide them with the confidence tools to thrive in work and life.


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From socially awkward to social entrepreneur

Juan Bendana is a keynote speaker and leadership strategiest that has spoken to over 100,000 audience members internationally. But that hasn’t always been the case. For years, he struggled with social anxiety and low self-confidence. After spending 10 years researching the art & science of building confidence, he has dedicated his career to helping people turn their own doubt into self-confidence, just like he did.


Juan Bendana is a renowned speaker and entrepreneur. Every year, he delivers electrifying keynotes at conferences and trainings internationally.

He is the creator of the Confidence Cycle— a science-backed framework to build enduring self confidence.

Juan has built leadership programs for organizations such as Texas State University, Penn State University, the University of Toronto, Sony Pictures & the Siegried Group.

He uses storytelling, interactive activities & humour to create an experience your audience will never forget. Going beyond the standard keynote presentation, Juan creates a customized experience that will have your audience leaving energized and inspired.

"Juan went above and beyond to deliver what we hoped for. He adapted his message to fit our theme. And, he was so engaging!"




Whether it is a keynote in an arena for 8,000, or a deep-dive training for a leadership team of 20, Juan will create an unforgettable experience tailored for your audience.

As a speaker and facilitator with over 10 years of experience on countless stages, Juan knows what to bring to each event. He paires real-world experience, science-backed strategies and engaging story-telling to help your audience feel empowered to build more confidence. Through hilarious moments, gripping stories and actionable strategies, Juan creates an experience your audience will never forget.


I cap my speaking events at 40-50 a year. Why? Because I don’t want to focus so much time on building a career that I forget to live a life. I have passions outside of speaking that I make time for so that I can continue to walk the walk. I can’t just talk about ‘facing fear’ or ‘leaning into challenges’ without doing it myself.

 Whether it’s jumping off of a cliff on a snowboard, diving with sharks, climbing an active volcano, travelling to a new place, trying a new fitness challenge or just playing frisbee in the park with friends, getting the most out of life remains a priority. It is an integral part of every message I share on stage. It allows me to have new, exciting, terrifying experience that I can then share with the audience I have the honor of speaking to. As I push myself, I am learning new ways to help others do the same.

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