Welcome to The 100 Day Playbook

A 100 Day guided journal to help students build Confidence, Consistency, & Strong Habits.

More than just a Journal.

This is not your typical ‘guided journal’. This is a Playbook that is specifically designed to create clarity, confidence, and consistency for students. The 100 Day Playbook system was made to help students maintain motivation and stay engaged with their goals long term. Change that really lasts.

Goal Setting

Every 10 days, students will go through a simple Goal Setting Process that will set them up to achieve their goals in a powerful way. 

Morning Ritual

Having a successful day starts by having a successful morning. With easy prompts, students will learn to powerfully start their day.

Nightly Routine

For most students, the night is when Netflix goes on and productivity flies out the window. This Playbook solves that problem.

Growth Challenges

Every 10 days, students will be pushed with a different growth challenge. This is what makes the Playbook’s impact exponential.

100 Days of Building Strong Habits.

The Playbook Process

We all know that writing down what we are grateful for is good for us, right? But what almost no one understands about journaling is the concept of creating a Challenge Progression. It’s not journaling with no end goal, it’s challenging yourself to re-define your daily rituals so that it actually becomes a part of your life in a set period of time. All it takes is 100 days. 10 minutes a day. 


Having a great day starts by having a GREAT MORNING. What you do in the morning will determine the direction of your day. Whether you are after happiness, growth, or courage- it all starts in the A.M. An epic life starts when the alarm clock goes off and you open your eyes.

It’s time to wake up, throw your alarm clock at the wall, drink some water, smile at yourself in the mirror and show the day who’s in charge.


This will change your mindset to focusing on the positive aspects of the day. It will increase motivation by having something to look forward to.


Focus creates reality. If we want to get the most out of our days, we need to know our main focus. Focus creates clarity and clarity allows us to take action towards our goals.


If we want the day to be a ‘WIN’, we need to determine what that means for us. Not every day will be a win, and that’s okay. Taking some L’s make the WINS feel so much better.


I AM statements have the power to change who you are. This identity shifting exercise will change the way you see yourself in all areas of life. (eg. I AM Confident. I AM Happy.)


Time to celebrate & reflect on the amazing day YOU just created. All of the failures, the moments of doubt, & the fears that tried to hold you back are over. They are being left behind. All of the achievements, the feelings of happiness & moments of confidence are just getting started.

It’s time to let go of the bad and hold on to the good.
It’s time to forgive your mistakes and celebrate the wins.
Sweet Dreams.

Daily Score

Regardless of what happens, every day is an opportunity to learn from both success & failure. To be able to see your growth, it needs to be measured.


Greatness needs to be celebrated. The size of the win is irrelevant. What matters is taking time to acknowledge what was great about your day.


Progress = Happiness. Looking at the areas of your life that can improve is the fastest road to progress. Doing this daily will supercharge your growth.


It is impossible to feel Grateful & Fearful simultaneously. Gratitude will change the way you see the world & the way the world sees you.

10 Minutes a Day. 100 Days.

Make the change from your event last.

We’ve all had the experience of going to a conference or event, feeling great and then after a few days, the inspiration starts to fade. This Playbook was specifically designed for that reason alone. Juan’s inspiration behind this project was to create something that would make change really last for students after he spoke. This will ensure that Juan’s message stays with students and sparks long term change.

Help Students achieve their goals.

Every 10 days, students will go through a simple yet effective Goal-Setting process that will help them gain clarity on what they want, why they want it and how to get there. They will also be given a challenge that is designed to help them grow with each section. This isn’t just ‘positive thinking’, this is really work that will serve as a guide to a students success.

Playbook Packages

Whether this is for a school assembly, a state/provincial event, or a national conference, we are committed to creating an experience for your audience that will leave them inspired and energized to take action long after your event is done. We offer the following Playbook Packages:


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100+ Playbooks

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