A 5 Week Deep-Dive Student Personal Development Curriculum.


Join the

Students that have developed their Leadership Ability

Join the

Students that have developed their Leadership Ability

Welcome to Student Mentorship Academy

This is 25 part highly interactive and engaging curriculum that dives head first into the core strategies to thrive as a leader. Students will get hands-on activities that will allow them to thrive. This program has been designed to train students on practical skills that will translate to the classroom & the real world. This is how we build the Leaders of TODAY.

5 Weeks. 25 Videos. Interactive Curriculum.


Powerful Routines

The program starts with building positive morning and nightly rituals. A key to a students success.

Building Habits

Habits are the foundation of a students ability to thrive. They will learn how to build them.


Leadership is the first step in a student being able to thrive in school & life while helping people in their life do the same.


Students want to get more done. Juan breaks down productivity hacks for students to build focus and presence every day.


Excitement is a key ingredient in the success of a student. Juan teaches students how to channel that excitement for good.


Goal Setting

Goal setting is a fundamental part of this program. Students will go through Juan’s goal setting process.


If we want to achieve great things, we need energy. Juan shows students how to have long lasting energy.


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Juan teaches students how to stretch themselves so that they can grow.

Growth Mindset

Growth mindset is the #1 asset of any high performing student. Here they will learn how it’s built.

Decision Making

Effective decision making is key to building great lives and move towards their goals.


Stress & Anxiety

Students need effective strategies for being able to handle stress & anxiety. Juan provides that map.


Procrastination gets the best of us. There are keys to being able to eliminate procrastination that will change the game.

Self Doubt

We all doubt ourselves at one point in our lives. To be able to thrive, we need to move past the doubt and build ourselves up.

Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships can ruin our lives and our progress. Juan teaches students how to eliminate them.

Fear/ Uncertainty

Fear is natural. The key is to get fear on our side so that it isn’t in control of our decision making.



A gratitude practice will allow students to have a deeper appreciation for life and for the people they surround themselves with.

Confidence & Self Worth

Confidence is a necessity when it comes to helping students thrive through ANY situation.

Positivity & Happiness

Why is it so hard to be happy? Great question. In this session, Juan shows students the keys to happiness.

Building Relationships

Relationship building is a skill. And like any skill, it can be built. Juan breaks down the formula here.

Taking Action

Action is the key for students to be able to have long term success in school and in their lives.


Motivation/ Momentum

Motivation and momentum is necessary to maintain change long term. Juan breaks down how to build and keep both.

Life Path

Most students don’t know what they want to do when they grow up. Juan builds a map for them to be able to effectively find ‘their thing’


Mentorship can be the determining factor in a students success. Here, Juan show’s students how to find and build a mentorship relationship.

Empowering Environment

Your environment determines who you become. Juan will show students how to build an empowering environment 

Being Yourself

Too often, students are being a watered down version of someone else. That stops with this last training on authenticity.

Virtual Conference Event Planner

“Juan is one of the most charismatic speakers that we have had at the Summit and has a unique ability to connect with people. He captivated our teens and adults over a virtual platform! His story-telling is so powerful and encouraging and was a true game-changer for the teens that attended our virtual leadership Summit. Juan tells personal stories with messages of perseverance, kindness and passion that resonate with all of us and allow us all to reflect on our paths and how we can continue to make a difference for others. I have no doubt that the countless teens and adults who hear Juan speak will continue to be entertained and inspired. He’s an incredible talent and we would love to have him back next year.”

– Rett Liles, North Carolina


Hiring an outstanding Student Leadership Conference Speaker for your conference, assembly, or event takes a lot of energy, time, commitment and money. We know that you just want your event to be a success – that the speaker is a hit!  Here are a few of Juan’s recent clients have to say about there experience:
Motivational Speakers for Schools
You need to bring in Juan to get your conference going. His energy pumps everybody up, gets them excited & captures their attention. It’s the energy he brings and how fast he brings it.”

Eliza B, Speaker Coordinator

Motivational Speakers for Schools
“His messaging is very clear and simple – Put yourself out there, don’t be afraid, and get involved. His story of moving forward connected with every student in our building.”

Mark Cossarin, Principal

Motivational Speakers for Schools
“It was easy for our students to see tangibly where they can go after his speech. He really brings his message alive. A message that without giving anything away, you all need to hear.”

Lisa N, Teacher

Motivational Speakers for Schools
“He encompassed what a true keynote speaker should be, poised, relatable, confident, inspiring and humorous. I have worked with numerous keynote speakers for over a decade and Juan, was easily a standout. “

Christina B, Conference Chair

Motivational Speakers for Schools
“From the initial booking to presentation day, Juan and his team were wonderful to work with. His presentation was fun, insightful, and left a lasting impression on our student body. He motivated our school community to be better.”

Erin Gamble, Leadership Teacher

Motivational Speakers for Schools
“Absolutely electrifying energy from start to finish, perfect consistency. Juan is a fantastic speaker to get your audience warmed up and excited about a topic. If you’re bringing in Juan, you should prepare to be entertained to no end.”

Sandra B, Conference Director

Virtual Conference Event Planner

Not only is Juan engaging and hilarious, but he knows exactly how his words impact each and every listener. As an event coordinator, it is a huge relief to work with someone who is not only prepared, but understands how important it is to stay on topic and on time. We hosted our first virtual statewide conference this year and he stole the virtual show! Both youth and adult participants hung onto every word and kept the positivity going for days after. LET’S GO, Juan!!”

– Kathleen Bates, Texas State University


After presentations, Juan recieves 100-1000’s of DM’s from inspired students ready to take action to better themselves & the people around them. Here are just a few examples grabbed directly from Juan’s Instagram Direct Messages.


Brandon Spinazzola

Live Events Director

1-800-799-1460 x1

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Join the thousands of students & educators that have been impacted by a Juan Bendana Program. Complete the form and our team will be in touch regarding your request. We look forward to working with you to rock your next event.

100% Privacy - No Obligation or Commitment