“Seeing you speak and hearing your story was by far the most inspiring and impactful experience I’ve had.”

-Sophie N, Student

Juan Bendana Changes School Culture by Helping People Make An Impact.

He inspires students and staff to confidently make an impact on the lives of the people at school, at home, and the world around them.


Whether it’s inspiring students and staff to Make An Impact on School Culture, or helping people to gain More Confidence so they can excel in School and in Life; Juan has the experience & skillset to inspire others to change for the better.


From consistently failing English throughout high school to writing a Best-Selling book, Juan’s story is nothing short unbelivable. Discover more about how even with the odds stacked against him, he was able to push through and achieve a life long goal.


In life, to get amazing results you have to work with people that demand only the best from you. Whether you want to improve your ability to speak, or you want to take your business to the next level, Juan can help bridge the gap.



Kim. K

Kim. K

Leadership Chair

“…You always strive to leave the attendees with something to remember and build a connection with. Juan delivers on this and more! His story is touching, his delivery is captivating, and his message is thought provoking.”

Amy. D

Amy. D

Seminar Chair

“Juan’s presentation was incredible. The people in the room were captivated from beginning to end. Juan stuck around after his talk so the students could get to know him better…”

Katie. Z

Katie. Z

Director of Programs

“… He truly cares about his audience. When he spoke, I laughed, I cried, and most of all I was truly inspired. I heard from so many of our youth about how much Juan’s story and dynamic presentation impacted them. He motivates, inspires, and really listens to his audience. We will continue bringing him back!”