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Juan Bendaña Inspires Students to Build Confidence Through Leadership & Resilience.

Juan is one of the top youth speakers that helps students maximize their Leadership abilities to create positive change – making Students feel Excited, Motivated & Engaged.

Recent Clients

"A character you want to keep listening to."

Audience Member, University of Toronto


Juan uses the power of music to bring audiences into his stories.

This motivational keynote speech isn’t something students listen to,

it’s something they EXPERIENCE.


Are you looking for an Engaging and Inspiring Student Motivational Speaker for your next Virtual Event, High School Assembly, College or University event, or Student Leadership Conference? Juan is one of the top youth speakers that will energize your audience and create an experience that will never be forgotten.

top youth motivational speaker
Student motivational speaker
top corporate speaker on resilience


Are you looking for an Engaging Student Motivational Speaker for your next Virtual Event, High School Assembly, College or University event, or Student Leadership Conference? Juan is one of the top youth speakers that will Energize your Audience and create an experience that will never be forgotten.

top youth motivational speaker
top corporate speaker on resilience
Student motivational speaker


Hiring one of the top youth speakers for your conference, assembly, or virtual event takes a lot of energy, time, commitment and money. We know that you just want your event to be a success – that the youth motivational speaker is a hit!  Here are a few of Juan’s recent clients have to say about him as a motivational speaker for students:

Student motivational speaker
“From the initial booking to presentation day, Juan and his team were wonderful to work with. His presentation was fun, insightful, and left a lasting impression on our student body.”

Erin Gamble, Leadership Teacher

Student motivational speaker
“His messaging is very clear and simple – Put yourself out there, don’t be afraid, and get involved. His story of moving forward connected with every student in our building.”

Mark Cossarin, Principal

Student motivational speaker
“It was easy for our students to see tangibly where they can go after his speech. He really brings his message alive. A message that without giving anything away, you all need to hear.”

Lisa N, Teacher

Student motivational speaker
“He encompassed what a true keynote speaker should be, poised, relatable, confident, inspiring and humorous. I have worked with numerous keynote speakers for over a decade and Juan, was easily a standout. “

Christina B, Conference Chair

Student motivational speaker
“He’s an entertainer. He sold me on his idea of having the ability to make a difference. He highlighted the opportunity we all have as leaders to make an impact.”

John R, Student

Student motivational speaker
“Absolutely electrifying energy from start to finish, perfect consistency. Juan is a fantastic speaker to get your audience warmed up and excited about a topic. If you’re bringing in Juan, you should prepare to be entertained to no end.”

Sandra B, Conference Director

Student motivational speaker
“You need to bring in Juan to get your conference going. His energy pumps everybody up, gets them excited & captures their attention. It’s the energy he brings and how fast he brings it.”

Eliza B, Speaker Coordinator

Student motivational speaker
“He’s full of energy and he wants to convey the idea of making a change in this world. He talked about how one decision can make an impact so that’s what I’m going to do.”

Nick. S, Student

Student motivational speaker
“Like a character you want to keep listening to. His personality is really fun and it’s great on stage. Everyone is the audience was so excited seeing him speak.”

Nicole H, Student

Student motivational speaker
“He’s infectious. He has a lovely magnetism about him. He was leading by example. He helps students understand that they can come out of the other end of the challenges they’re facing.”

Kat Kennedy, Teacher

Student motivational speaker
“He got the students laughing, motivated and raised the energy. They had a great time while they were learning. The students had a fantastic time – it was time well spent.”

Carolyn M, Teacher

Student motivational speaker
“It’s important that students feel they can make a difference, that they have opportunity & that they have a voice. Hearing that message not just from me, but from Juan was very beneficial.”

Pauline Hues, Teacher



Juan is represented by TOP YOUTH SPEAKERS. One of the top agencies for youth motivational speakers in North America. Founded by Josh Shipp, TOP YOUTH SPEAKERS is trusted by over 2,500 schools and organizations.

Booking Juan comes with the 100% Speaker Satisfaction Guarantee. Meaning if you or your audience aren’t satisfied, you won’t pay. Join the 1000’s of audiences that have already experienced a world-class youth motivational speaker. 


But what about the virtual world? Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered. If you’re looking for one of the top youth speakers for your next virtual event, take a look at what some recent clients have to say about Juan as a virtual keynote speaker:

Student motivational speaker

“Not only is Juan engaging and hilarious, but he knows exactly how his words impact each and every listener. As an event coordinator, it is a huge relief to work with someone who is not only prepared, but understands how important it is to stay on topic and on time. We hosted our first virtual youth statewide conference this year and he stole the virtual show! Both youth and adult participants hung onto every word and kept the positivity going for days after. LET’S GO, Juan!!”

Kathleen Bates, Texas State University

Speaker for FBLA Conference

Juan brought a great message and energy as the keynote for our conference. He was very professional and kept our attention – even in a virtual setting!

Dylan Kennedy, Missouri FBLA State Advisor

Student motivational speaker

“Throughout the challenges we are all currently facing with COVID 19, we asked Juan to do recorded virtual keynotes instead of live, in person, keynotes. Juan was clear that he would do whatever he had to do to make the experience of a virtual keynotes valuable for students. WOW! We are blown away by Juan’s recorded keynotes! He was flexible in the delivery of his keynotes. He is GENUINELY excited about helping students.  He is one of the most passionate and genuine speakers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I cannot speak highly enough about Juan and the virtual keynote experience he’s delivered to our students. His message is inspiring, and his polish as a speaker is top notch! “

Derryn Johnson, Professional Learning Specialist

Speaker for Student Council Conference

“Juan went above and beyond to deliver what we hoped for. He adapted his message to fit our theme. And, he was so engaging!”

Terry Hamm, Texas Association of Student Councils Executive Director

Student motivational speaker

“What we enjoyed most about Juan as a speaker was the fresh energy and enthusiasm he brought to each session. As an organization, we all felt burnt out and exhausted after 2020. We all needed someone to help us hit the reset button. Juan’s message helped us refocus as an organization and as individuals. It helped us clear away the day to day clutter and get back to the core of who we are. As a manager, it gave me peace of mind knowing that Juan is providing valuable information and tangible takeaways for every member of our team.”

Kim Penny, Sotheby's International Realty


After a presentation, Juan recieves 100-1000’s of DM’s from inspired students ready to take action to better themselves & the people around them. Here are just a few examples grabbed directly from Juan’s Instagram Direct Messages.


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Live Events Director

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