He never saw himself as anything close to a writer. He was told “writing is a gift you are born with and you just weren’t”

Juan made the decision he was going to change the story that had been written for him.

Goals 2 Greatness was written with the purpose of being a one stop shop for those looking to improve their lives. It was born out of the struggles Juan faced being told that he would never amount to much – especially not a writer.

This book is a tribute to all of the people that have been told they can’t. That they’re not good enough. That they are not made for “this”. This is a book for the dreamers. The ones that push through all of the limitations people set on them and reach for the life that they want. The ones that swim against the current and question the way things have always been done. 

This is for the people that are crazy enough to think they can create real change. 

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That human beings have the ability to surpass the average lifestyle we were ‘made for’ An idea that is based on the fact that we have the power to make our dreams into reality. Sounds crazy, I know. But you know what’s really crazy? Crazy is wasting your life away as nothing when you have a caged lion inside of you that is waiting to be released and you have the key. Crazy is playing small when you were meant to be great. Crazy is living lessthan you deserve. Crazy is not giving this life your all when you have all the ability to own your destiny.

The crazy ones are the people that will make an impact, share their gifts and inspire generations to come. Crazy? Crazy is what will change the world.


“Since I was a little kid, I had goals, aspirations and dreams I was striving for but never seemed to know how to get there. My journey has helped me realize a few key strategies that have allowed me to create change for myself and for others. That is why this book exists – I want to share that with you. Whatever your journey may be, my hope is that you create everything you desire this life to be.”

– Juan Bendana

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Michael J. Savage

Master Coach & Mastery Facilitator – Robbins Research International

“Juan Bendana give a refreshing look at what it means to be on purpose with what you want in life. Everyone is looking to achieve greatness, but most aren’t aware of what it really takes to get there. Goals 2 Greatness is a practical and FUN look at the things you MUST do to bridge that gap – and written by an up and coming leader who has lived these principals since birth.”