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Juan Bendaña is a renowned speaker and facilitator that inspires audiences to build Confidence & generate lasting Energy.

We are living through the most uncertain times in recent history. That level of uncertainty brings upon burnout and self-doubt among organizations and their people. Juan provides a simple, science backed solution to building lasting self-confidence and energy.


Whether it is a keynote in an arena for 8,000, or a deep-dive training for a leadership team of 20, Juan will create an unforgettable experience tailored for your audience.

As a speaker and facilitator with over 10 years of experience on countless stages, Juan knows what to bring to each event. He paires real-world experience, science-backed strategies and engaging story-telling to help your audience feel empowered to build more confidence. Through hilarious moments, gripping stories and actionable strategies, Juan creates an experience your audience will never forget.

"Juan went above and beyond to deliver what we hoped for. He adapted his message to fit our theme. And, he was so engaging!"




We know planning an outstanding event takes a lot of energy, time, commitment and money. For us, success is measured by how much the audience learns, remembers, and enjoys the experience. Regardless of the type of keynote speaker you’re looking for, our goal is to make your job easier, make you look fantastic, and ensure that your event is an epic success!






Prior to the event, we will schedule a zoom call with Juan. This allows Juan identify main objectives and customize his message to fit your event. And it is always a fun time to connect pre-event!


Leading up to the event date, our team will review and finalize all details to ensure a home-run. AV requirements, slideshow, audience details are all important elements for a successful event. 


Sit back, relax and enjoy the hard work you’ve put into organizing this event. Juan will deliver a highly customized and unforgettable experience that will leave your audience energized and inspired.


To make sure each attendee walks away with value, you will get access to the Keynote PowerPoint along with 5 videos to continue the learning and create a lasting impact for your audience.


Are you looking for an Engaging and Inspiring Keynote Speaker for your next conference, event or meeting? Over the past decade, Juan has been delivering high impact keynotes to audiences across North America. He will engage and challenge your audience to grow while also giving them actionable takeaways to use once the presentation is done. Here are Juan’s 3 areas of expertise:


The Confidence, Energy, and Clarity needed to stay motivated

Roughly 80% of the worldwide population identifies with low self-confidence. With increasing self-doubt, it is no surprise the people are afraid to share their ideas and move towards their goals. But what if you could call upon genuine confidence without putting up a front? We all have moments where we try to muster up the confidence to give that presentation, start the new habit, or have that tough conversation. The only problem? The Confidence feels fleeting and forced.

Juan understands this sentiment because he routinely struggled with his own confidence. Stuck in the unhealthy loop of comparing himself to others, he never felt he was good enough. After years of research and working with thousands of people, he uncovered a repeatable framework for building genuine confidence that lasts– The Confidence Cycle.

In this dynamic presentation, Juan shares an evidence-based methodology to building enduring confidence, eliminate fear and ultimately transform your life. He uses humour, science and real-world stories to make your audience laugh, think and feel empowered to take action.

Imagine your people had the confidence to share their ideas without reservation? Imagine they believed in themselves enough to face challenges and overcome them? Over the past decade, Juan has seen the transformation that happens when someone steps into the most confident version of themselves. More energized environment, happier people and a culture you can be proud of.


• Learn how to intentionally direct energy towards areas of improvement.

• Re-align with your work and develop the courage to keep going.

• Re-frame judgement and learn how to stop feeling embarassed.

Create the momentum necessary for progress and help others in the organization do the same.

• Learn a simple, science-back system that builds enduring confidence.

How to eliminate self-doubt and negative self-talk.

Student motivational speaker
“Absolutely electrifying energy from start to finish, perfect consistency. Juan is a fantastic speaker to get your audience warmed up and excited about a topic. If you’re bringing in Juan, you should prepare to be entertained to no end.”




Generate Energy with science-backed strategies for dealing with burnout

Understandably, people today are exhausted and teetering on burnout. In the US, 69% of workers experience fatigue. This costs companies $136 billion annually. Most of us are burnt out, tired and doing too much, all at once. But what if there was another way? What if energy wasn’t limited in supply? What if we were able to generate energy on demand? In this engaging, evidence-based, humorous presentation, Juan shares vital insights on how we can feel more energized and deal with burnout regardless of what is happening in our lives.

The more energy we have for our work and lives, the more effective we will be at creating an engaged and connected community. After this dynamic presentation, your audience will feel more energized and be inspired to share that energy with the people who need it most.

Juan will share actionable strategies to generate more energy in both personal and professional life. With humour, science and engaging stories, he will help the audience realize that they are in control of their energy while giving them the tools to do it every day.

If we have more energy, our work, relationships and mindset improve. To get the most out of life, we must demand the most out of our energy. Juan gives the roadmap of how to maximize energy, minimize burnout, and live a high impact life.


• Minimize burnout and feel more energized in your work and life.

• How to NEVER feel tired again (seriously)

• The three fundamental factors influencing your level of energy.

• A science-backed system to generate energy (even when you’re tired)

• Effective strategies for dealing with fatigue at work and in life.

• How to take care of yourself and re-charge.

Student motivational speaker
“You need to bring in Juan to get your conference going. His energy pumps everybody up, gets them excited & captures their attention. It’s the energy he brings and how fast he brings it.”




How to Effectively Lead and Inspire Change

This world has changed forever. Things will not go back to normal. We are heading into a new normal with new opportunities, new ways of doing things, and, more importantly, a new way to lead. In this uncertain world, people are looking for leaders with the courage to share their voice and pave a path towards a more positive future. People are looking for those of us that can weather the fear and still move forward.

Leadership is not ‘one size fits all’. Everyone has their own unique leadership identity. The challenge is that most of us have no idea what that is. Once we clearly identity our leadership identity and the role we are most suited for, our impact grows and our ability to influence improves. 

Early in his career, Juan never saw himself as a leader. But after hitting rock bottom in life and business, everything shifted. He developed the necessary skills to build his business and his ability to lead. After 4X his business, he realized that the leadership principles used were so simple, yet so rarely implemented. 

In this energy-packed presentation, Juan shares dynamic leadership principals that will empower the audience to step into the NEW world of leadership. Through dynamic stories, he will highlight the core strategies of effective leadership. With moments of side-splitting laughter balanced with moments of heartfelt silence, Juan will captivate your audience from start to finish with impactful messages.

Leadership is not for the select few. It is for every person within an organization. If everyone feels empowered to lead and believes they are influential, it will create a more connected and engaged culture.  


• Relationship building strategies to connect with others with rapport and confidence.

• Proven leadership tools to be a leader in your life.

• How to be a role model in your organization.

• Strategies for positively influencing your team.

• Navigating difficult relationships effectively.

• How to be a magnet that gets people excited and engaged.

Student motivational speaker

“From the initial booking to presentation day, Juan and his team were wonderful to work with. His presentation was fun, insightful, and left a lasting impression on our audience.”




We know planning an outstanding event takes a lot of energy, time, commitment and money. For us, success is measured by how much the audience learns, remembers, and enjoys the experience. Regardless of the type of keynote speaker you’re looking for, our goal is to make your job easier, make you look fantastic, and ensure that your event is an epic success!



Juan’s passion is contagious. He is not just delivering information, he is sharing the same key principals that changed the trajectory of his life. From start to finish, his passion for helping people build confidence jumps off the stage. Juan understands that people remember how you made them feel much more than the words you used. He leverages his passion for creating change into a truly memorable keynote experience.



Juan is NOT a keynote speaker that teaches theory. Every story, insight and takeaway is either rooted in real-world experience or backed by science. He is a walking success story of how to build lasting confidence from the ground up. He shares his real-world experience from over a decade of research and the thousands of presentations he has delivered across North America.



The moment you meet Juan, you realize this is not your traditional keynote speaker. He brings electric energy both on and off stage. Juan understands that the #1 most important factor of a home-run keynote speaker is the energy they bring. There is no such thing as a low energy audience, just a low-energy speaker. Juan will deliver a dynamic and energetic keynote experience that your audience will remember for years to come.



Juan balances real-world experiences and engaging story-telling with a science-backed approach to confidence. He shares evidence based strategies that audience members will be able to use immediately. We want the audience to both feel inspired but also have the tools to make that inspiration last. Juan bridges the gap between high energy inspiration and science-back strategies to create a home-run experience for your audience.



A secret edge that Juan has as a Keynote Speaker is his humour. For over a decade, Juan has studied comedy, improv, story-telling and live performance from some of the best in the entertainment industry. He has worked with award winning comedians, artists and entertainers on how to use humour as a tool. The result? He has designed his core keynote stories to ensure your audience members will be in tears. 

"Juan went above and beyond to deliver what we hoped for. He adapted his message to fit our theme. And, he was so engaging!"



Hiring a top speaker for your conference or event takes a lot of energy, time, commitment and money. We know that you just want your event to be a success – that the motivational speaker is a hit!  Here are a few of Juan’s recent clients have to say about him as a keynote speaker:

Student motivational speaker

Juan was truly the best possible keynote speaker we could have hosted at our first conference back in-person.

We knew we needed to bring in someone truly noteworthy and I am still receiving positive feedback about him! All day at our Leadership Conference I had people telling me how much they needed to hear his story and how he connected with them. I appreciate how much energy he brought to our event and the genuine way he connected. For so many who have never been to an in-person conference I think this is one they will remember for years to come – so much of that is thanks to Juan.”



Student motivational speaker

“Working with Juan was a complete blast from start to finish. His energy is infectious and was exactly what we were looking for for our event. we really wanted someone who was going to recharge our attendees, remind them of what matters and help them make changes in their life- Juan did just that. His genuine excitement for life comes through even in a virtual setting. It literally reaches through the computer screen and hooks you in!”



Student motivational speaker

“What we enjoyed most about Juan as a speaker was the fresh energy and enthusiasm he brought to each session. As an organization, we all felt burnt out and exhausted after 2020. We all needed someone to help us hit the reset button. Juan’s message helped us refocus as an organization and as individuals. It helped us clear away the day to day clutter and get back to the core of who we are. As a manager, it gave me peace of mind knowing that Juan is providing valuable information and tangible takeaways for every member of our team.”



Student motivational speaker

“Not only is Juan engaging and hilarious, but he knows exactly how his words impact each and every listener. As an event coordinator, it is a huge relief to work with someone who is not only prepared, but understands how important it is to stay on topic and on time. We hosted our first statewide conference this year and he stole the show! Participants hung onto every word and kept the positivity going for days after.”



Student motivational speaker
“He encompassed what a true keynote speaker should be, poised, relatable, confident, inspiring and humorous. I have worked with numerous keynote speakers for over a decade and Juan, was easily a standout. “



Student motivational speaker

“WOW! We are blown away by Juan’s keynote! He was flexible in the delivery and GENUINELY excited about helping.  He is one of the most passionate and genuine speakers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I cannot speak highly enough about Juan and the keynote experience he’s delivered to our audience. His message is inspiring, and his polish as a speaker is top notch!”




If you are interested in booking Juan Bendana for your event, please fill out the form below and tell us about your goals. Please include as many details as possible. The more we know, the better! Our team will be in touch within 24 hours.

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